This year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mercedes-AMG introduced the newest family member, the AMG GT-R. Combining the road-going GT and GT-S coupes and GT3 makes the GT-R.

The GT-R has a hand-crafted 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 thats powers it and is positioned in same mid-front position as the rest of the GT lineup, but whips out 74 hp more than the current top-performing GT-S. This boost brings the GT-R's total output to 557hp. Featuring 20-inch aluminum wheels with 7-speed dual clutch transaxle. The GT-R uses a dry sump oiling system to help keep the engine lubricated while cornering. 

There's no doubt that the power of the GT-R is undoubtedly impressive, but there's more to the supercar than that. This AMG GT-R sports rear-wheel steering, active aero and a double-wishbone coil-over front and rear suspension. The active aero kicks on in race mode, while going over 50 mph. The system drops a carbon fiber underbody spoiler just in front of the engine by 1.6 inches — reducing front axle lift by over 80 pounds at 155 mph. 

The front and rear double-wishbone suspensions use replica aluminum control arms with adjustable coil-overs that still use AMG Ride Control active damping. Before hitting 62 mph, the rear-wheel steering turns the rear wheels by about 1.5 degrees in the opposite direction of the front wheels. 

The AMG GT-R will be available in 2017.