Mercedes-Benz is making major moves and coming for Tesla. Electronic vehicles are a thing of the future, and the future gets closer every second of everyday. 2019 is expected to bring a new all-electric SUV with Mercedes-Benz. 

Let the games begin!

mercedes eq

Being called Generation EQ, this SUV-like vehicle is expected to have a pretty good range at 310 miles. Withstanding your commute can be a breeze with that range, so no fears of traffic and your vehicle not being juiced. With the expected price range falling similar to the GLC Crossover (which currently starts around $39,150*), this brings a very competitive price with other similar models. 

The interior falls nothing short of the wow factor bring you modern design that is out of this world. Contrast, sleek design and upgraded technology will reel you in to never sway from purchasing. A grand 24-inch display shows speed, range, driving data, and navigation information. Running low on battery? No problem here with Generation EQ as it will alert the driver on low battery life and nearby charging stations. Even the steering wheel comes with touch controls that will blow you away!

The interior comes with a massive, 24-inch display that shows speed, range, driving data, and navigation information. The display will alert the driver if the car is running low on battery and of nearby charging stations. The steering wheel also comes with touch controls.

Autonomous features such as auto adjust to speed and driving dynamics came with this vehicle. More to come on other features this vehicle is expected to have. 

We will continue to update you on this new wave of electronic vehicles from Mercedes-Benz! 

Are you excited? 

*Price varies accroding to trim, location, fees, etc... 
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