The A-Class sedan will put some distance between itself and the C-Class in the price ladder, essentially becoming a more versatile and comfortable version of the CLA-Class. Are you a fan of the CLA, because our team at Mercedes-Benz of Ft. Pierce loves the C-Class. The CLA 250 was a modest hit for Mercedes-Benz in the States at its debut, but it could only woo an audience accepting of its ergonomic limitations. The CLA-Class is here to stay and we see no intention of it going anywhere, and it will be replaced by an all-new model based on the updated A-Class, so fans of very small doors will be able to continue buying that version as well. 
Hatchback you say? Yes, the all new A-Class brings the hatchback style that everyone seems to love! From the front looking towards the back you get a small stance, yet powerful and luxurious Mercedes-Benz that will woo you and everyone else starring. Built to deliver with style and color, you will find the all new A-Class to be one to reckon with alongside other luxury compact vehicles. 
We are looking for more information to be released about the A-Class, and invite you to follow and watch our blog to be most up-to-date with Mercedes-Benz and all new features, vehicles and lineups there is to come in the future. 
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