Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection Plans

Did you know that if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair (totaled), the settlement from your insurance company may not cover what you owe? The difference between what is covered and what you owe may turn into thousands of dollars.

For Example...
  • You buy a car for $24,000, and seven months later you get in an accident that totals the car
  • Loan amount owed after 7 months = $20,000
  • Actual cash value after accident = $16,000 (paid by insurance)
  • That's a $4,000 difference + $500 insurance deductible = $4,500 customer financial responsibility!
*Total Loss Protection protects you if there is a difference between your insurance company settlement and your remaining loan or lease balance. It's about coverage that is complete and covers the unexpected*

Two levels of protection to cover you in this situation:

Pays any remaining balance due on your loan or lease after the payment from your insurance company. In other words, if a balance is left over after your insurance pays the market or cash value, all you will have to pay is your insurance deductible.

2 GAP Plus
Covers you against the same out-of-pocket exposures as GAP, and ALSO covers your insurance deductible up to $500.

Ask your salesperson or finance manager for Total Loss Protection, and you'll be on your way to a carefree driving experience.

Limitations of Coverage - This information is intended to provide only an outline of the benefits of the Total Loss Protection Plan. For exact coverage, exclusions, and limitations, please refer to the GAP or GAP Plus contract itself.